ECSTATIC YOU: How To Merge With Your Ideal Self

The “Ecstatic Self” is an image that we can step into, an awareness that we can lean into, in order to look through transformed eyes, feel with a transformed heart, and integrate new senses and perceptions into our being until we ultimately merge with them and they become our own…. [Read More]


We exist and operate in four distinct states of being — our physical bodies, our mental bodies, our emotional bodies and our spiritual bodies. Therefore, to create change, actively engaging all four bodies is key, for change is a holistic process; [Read More on Blog]



My name is Claire Elise, and I am an LA based spiritual wellness blogger, Reiki practitioner, Tarot reader, dreamer, drifter, and dog mom.

It is my belief that we each, at our core, embody a divine facet of the Universe — imbued with unique talents and profound wisdom to guide us in our journey and to share with those whose paths we cross along the way. When we become consciously aware of what we carry in our hearts — when we remember and embrace our personal truth — we walk with greater clarity and deeper fulfillment. Aligned with our soul purpose, we reflect the purest version of ourselves into the world around us and reconnect with the infinite synergy that weaves all of the Universe together; We become the creators that we are meant to be.

September Star is my journey and my process. I built this little corner of the digital Universe with the intention to inspire deeper exploration of the soul and spirit by examining and merging with the natural rhythms of the earth and cycles of nature. September Star is dedicated to the dreamers of this world, ever searching for the secrets in the stars; May we remain stubborn in our ways and have the courage to follow where our souls are called.

May we find our north.

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