Reiki and Life Coaching for Soul-Centered Empaths and HSPs

My name is Laura-Claire and I am a Reiki practitioner, transformation life coach, nature lover and dog mamma.

I am also an empath, and I help other soul-centered empaths and HSPs who are struggling to manage emotional overwhelm and find meaningful direction learn to ground and embrace their personal truth so they can chart a path forward that is balanced, authentic, and purpose-driven.

In Depth Ten Card Reading

The full moon in January, or the “Wolf Moon,” asks what you hunger for.

This is the perfect time to think about the year ahead, to reflect on your goals and desires, and how you would like to focus your energy to realize them.

So what are you going to make happen in 2020?

What do you want more of? What intentions are you setting? What are you working on manifesting?

If you could use a little guidance to help you get on the best path forward, I am offering in depth ten card Tarot readings for $25 until January 31st ♡

Send me a message from the Contact page to book yours!