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We exist and operate in four distinct states of being — our physical bodies, our mental bodies, our emotional bodies and our spiritual bodies. Therefore, to create change, actively engaging all four bodies is key, for change is a holistic process.

On a spiritual level, we must be genuinely inspired by the goal we envision and able hold it in our mind’s eye like a compass that will guide the steps we need to take to move ourselves in the most appropriate and advantageous direction towards it.

We must understand in our hearts our goal’s reward and significance, for this will be the fuel that propels us forward when we are tired or faced with challenges.

On a practical level, we must mentally assess our resources, problem solve and seek out opportunities that are available to us, and, of course, we must ultimately take physical action.


Change, though at times daunting, is evidence of growth. We each incarnate on this earth with a unique purpose, yet we share a universal intention to learn and evolve we come here to explore, to experiment, to create, and the discoveries that we make, the fears that we face, the boundaries that we push, the hardships that we overcome, our inventions and innovations — these are affirmations of our spiritual expansion.

Yet so often we become stunted in our growth process because we are afraid of change.

Even when we sense in our bones that change is necessary, we are stopped in our tracks by our fear of the unknown and unfamiliar — we fear how we will be judged and treated by the people in our lives or our communities, we fear that we won’t have enough time, enough money, enough support, we fear that we are not good enough, not strong enough, not deserving. We fear that we will fail.

But by not trying, we fail ourselves.

We seek signs around us that would signify a green light to go ahead, yet even if we get our signs we question them. We wait for permission from someone else, for the “right time,” for the “right circumstance,” — constantly looking outwards and making excuses while we wait for validation, acceptance, approval, compliance, hoping that someone or some thing will come along with concrete reassurance and an antidote for our dread.

And sometimes we wait forever…


Change must ultimately come from within and we hold all of our answers inside of us already, so when we are looking outward instead of inward, we are looking in the wrong places.

Whether our goals are big or small, in the end it up to us and us alone to choose to be our own advocates and commit to our own journey and metamorphosis.

But it doesn’t have to be so daunting.

While we may have very real and valid fears, we only feed them and give them more power over us when we treat them like invincible monsters and keep them caged in the darkness. When we instead take them out and look at them in the light — examine them, explore them, experiment with them — we tap into our intrinsic creativity and we find solutions.


I created a method that I use all the time now for setting goals and creating change in own life, which I call Intention Mapping with Sacred Scarab  a series of journal prompts that help me examine my desires and address them from each of my four states of being, and you can download your own free copy here to help you plot your journey to your own desires.

Why Sacred Scarab?

I love working with animal spirits, and I call on mine for guidance whenever I have big changes to make.

Scarab Beetle appears for us when we are being called on to awaken to our authentic selves and rekindle our inner light. She teaches us to use our sacred gifts, to cultivate our imagination and trust our intuition, helping us spread our wings and raise ourselves to new heights in our spiritual development.

So, with her in mind, I developed the framework for my Intention Map:


Visualize your goal and connect to it on a spiritual level


Understand it’s importance and connect to it on an emotional level


Identify what supportive structures you will need and connect to it on a mental level


View limiting beliefs from different perspectives and break down mental blocks


Map out the steps you will need to physically take


Integrate each state into the whole of your journey and honor your process

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