Auras: How To See Your Energetic Signature

Auras: How To See Your Energetic Signature

Have you ever walked into a room where there was just a heated argument and you could feel the weight of the tension in the air? Or encountered someone who immediately made you feel uneasy? On the contrary, perhaps you have noticed that there are certain people whose presence leave you feeling calm and relaxed? 

All living things emit electro-magnetic energy, and what you are sensing is the vibration of that collective energy in the room, or radiating from that person — be it a high vibration of positive, loving energy, or a lower vibration of negative, toxic energy. To be able to see an aura, then, is to tap into a type of clairvoyance that essentially enables you to observe the visual manifestation of that energy.


Auras present as a radiant oval shaped cloud or mist around the contour of the body and typically extend about 3-18 inches. They are composed of different layers of energy which differ in size and color from person to person and can change from day to day as well depending on mood, emotional state, personal interactions, and health.

The layer closest to the body, however, remains more or less the same and reflects the person’s general nature and personality, natural inclinations, tendencies, and soul purpose — kind of like an energetic signature.

Reading auras is an effective way to understand the energetic dynamics in your environment and detect the true intentions of others around you. For example, when a business or romantic partner tells you one thing but you feel in your gut that what they are telling you is not the truth and their aura becomes muted or muddied, it is probably safe to say that your hunch was correct and they are not being honest.

Furthermore, auras can help you attune to your own energetic health and that of others by showing you where there may be holes, blockages or buildups, so that you can do whatever clearing or balancing may be necessary to aid in the healing process.


We are all born with an innate capability to see auras, however, like a muscle, it weakens when it is not used or exercised — which is why most people no longer see auras at all by the time they are adults. That said, anyone can re-learn how to see them, and it is actually quite easy.

Observing an aura requires a special type of gaze — at least when you are starting out — best described as a softened focus from your periphery. As you become more accustomed to this gaze, however, auras will start to appear spontaneously to you without you having to consciously adjust your eyes. 

Here is a quick exercise to get you started:

  1. Drink a glass of water and spend a few minutes getting yourself grounded and centered with conscious breath work.
  2. When you are ready, hold your hand out in front of you and spread your fingers slightly apart.
  3. Soften your gaze and look past the space between your index and middle finger. This works best if there is a neutral colored background, like a white or grey wall.
  4. Try to resist the urge to focus on anything in particular. In about 30-60 seconds, you will begin to see a color emanating from your hand. This is part of your aura! Again, try to resist the urge to focus your eye on it directly, as you will lose sight of it and will have to start over. But don’t feel discouraged if you do at first — remember it is like using a muscle and the more you practice the easier it will become. 

When you are comfortable with this exercise, you can start practicing on your pet or on a friend or family member. Have them stand in front of the same wall and use this same gaze looking slightly past their head or over their shoulder. 

Eventually you will be able to see more of the aura itself, and quickly sense aura energy around you at your will.


Red: High Energy, Passion, Sexuality, Anger

Orange: Vitality, Confidence, Ambition, Creativity

Yellow: Optimism, Awakening, Inspiration, Peaceful

Green: Healer Energy, Love, Nurturing, Compassion

Blue: Communicator, Truthful, Kind, Calm 

Indigo: Teacher, Intuitive, Sensitive

Violet: Visionary, Spiritual, Wisdom, Intuition

Pink: Open, Eccentric, Artistic

White: Purity, Truth, Transcendence 

Brown: Fear, Insecurity, Confusion 

Grey: Blocked Energy, Low Energy, Sadness, Skepticism

Black: Very Low Energy, Depression, Illness, Negativity


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!! I did the exercise just as described. I had some water then did some conscious breathing and pranayama to ground and center. Using a soft gaze looking between my fingers I could see a blue aura coming from my hand! This was so cool!! I want to strengthen my ability to be able to see more auras! Wow!

    1. Awesome Julie! I love that serene blue energy — I always find people with blue auras to be so calming to be around!

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