Finding Your Sacred Inner Space


Finding Your Sacred Inner Space

In the same way that a seed needs fertile soil to take root in and grow, we too require a nurturing and supportive environment — a sacred inner space — from which to tend our spiritual growth.

Creating sacred space for ourselves in our homes helps us to feel more calm and centered in our bodies, and is a great way to enhance our meditation practice and soul work. Sacred inner space is the tranquil atmosphere we create for the psyche — where we can go even deeper in our meditation and even further in our soul work.

When I did my Shamanic Reiki training, finding sacred inner space was one of the first practices on the agenda for our group. It was from that space that we would go on to meet our spirit animal, merge with power animals and connect with other helping spirits that would aid us in our own healing and guide us in the healings that we would provide for each other.

This is still the space that I enter into now to begin my journey work, and where I work with my spirit guides and animal spirits. I also meditate and set intentions to manifest from this space, and have found that my intuition has been heightened since I have been working in it. Even when I am feeling stress or anxiety, or have difficulty sleeping, entering into this space helps me to ground myself and relax.


What is Sacred Inner Space?

The beauty of sacred inner space is that it really can be anything and anywhere that you desire it to be; It can be a beautiful beach with lulling waves, a quiet desert, a lush garden with fragrant flowers, the woods, the mountains, perhaps your childhood home. It can even be under the ocean or among the stars — wherever your spirit is drawn to and feels safe, serene, open, and inspired.


We all know how important meditation is for both physical and emotional wellness, but sometimes easing into that stillness can be a challenge — especially when we are starting out in our practice. Before we become comfortable occupying that stillness and holding that space for ourselves, it can feel like a void that our busy minds can’t help but want to fill with distracting thoughts.

Meditating from sacred inner space, however, engages your senses and helps you to stay present. I have found that imagining the ground beneath me and immersing myself in the sounds and smells of my sacred space help me to settle into meditation more easily, to feel more grounded and present in my body, and to set intentions with greater clarity and focus.

Soul Work

The soul is energy, and, simply put, spirit guides are energies manifested for us in ways that we, in our human form, are able to recognize and understand. Often spirit guides present to us as animals, ancestors, or other beings that come to us to aid in our healing and offer us guidance. 

Entering into sacred inner space helps us bridge our earthly consciousness with the spirit realm so we are better able to recognize and connect with our guides, and better able to interpret the messages they have for us.


As we learn to develop a language with our higher selves and spirit guides, and our consciousness continues to expand to new heights and reach greater depths, our intuition is also strengthened; We may notice that we become more aware of synchronicities and patterns in our lives and become more attuned to the signs and symbols we receive from the Universe, helping us to make better decisions for ourselves and feel more confident in our choices.

How to Find Your Sacred Inner Space

  1. Start by sitting down or laying in a comfortable position where you won’t be disturbed for a little while. If you’d like, you can listen to some music, such as Shamanic drumming or Om chanting — whatever you prefer that helps you to relax.
  2. Take a few deep breaths and allow the tension in your body to slowly dissolve into the floor or chair beneath you.
  3. When you are ready, imagine yourself in a room that is filled with warm bright white light. Spend a few moments in this space and feel this energy all around you. Know that you are safe and supported and loved.
  4. Imagine a doorway on the other side of the room. Breathe deeply as you walk towards it, taking one conscious step at a time. When you reach the door, place your hand on the door knob to open it.
  5. When you are ready, step through the doorway. Feel the ground beneath the soles of your feet and between your toes. What does it feel like? What does it look like?
  6. Take another step forward and look around you. Where are you? What is the landscape like? Is it night or day? How is the weather? What else is around you?
  7. Take another step forward and listen to your surroundings. Can you hear anything? A babbling brook? Birds singing in the trees? Or is it quiet and still?
  8. Take a deep breath and fill your lungs with the smell in the air. Is it a salty sea breeze? A misty mountain fog? The familiar smell of your old room from childhood?

This is your sacred inner space.

In your mind, sit on the ground and take it in with all of your senses. With practice, you can begin to further explore this space.

Know that whenever you want to visit, all you have to do is imagine yourself opening that door and entering into it.


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  1. I loved the peacefulness of this post and it got my day started so beautifully. My sacred space is in a glass house in the middle of a forest. It’s positioned in a spot that always has some sun rays exposed through the trees to give my glass house this golden glow that I sit beneath as it shines through the glass ceiling. The inside of the glass house has a wooden floor with scattered cushions, a throw that I also sit on and the scent of sage along with the humming of soft music paired with birds chirping in the background from the trees outside.

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