Seasons of Being: Spring – How to Stimulate Change by Tapping into the Energy of Spring

Seasons of Being: Spring
How to Stimulate Change by Tapping into the Energy of Spring

The earth slowly begins to thaw. The warming sun reaches higher into the sky and stretches further into the evening. Little buds emerge in bursts of vibrant color from naked branches, and waking animals shake sleep from their rested bones. After the calm lull of Winter’s soft repose, we too can feel a stirring within;

Spring is here — pregnant with invigorating energy that primes us for renewal and rebirth, for new potential and new momentum, and ultimately for stimulating change.

Back in December I shared my first post in a series on our “Seasons of Being,” where I explore the cycles in nature and how we can look to the changing seasons for guidance as we transition through different life phases and soul states in our own spiritual evolution.

We can experience a soul season at any point during the year — we can thrive in the Fall and seek solitude for inner work during the Summer, for example —  but as we approach the equinox now I wanted to explore Spring and how the energy of the season stimulates growth and change.

Winter offers an invitation to go inward and reflect; Like a seed quietly germinating in the soil, in Winter’s stillness we attune to what is true in the heart. But as we move into Spring, we are called to actively embrace that truth — to take root in it and push out into the light where we can bloom and blossom.


Spring is governed by the element of air, which symbolizes movement and change and truth. It is also often associated with the mind — with epiphanies and “ah-ha” moments, where we suddenly find clarity and understanding in what was once obscured and out of focus. 

Air gives us life and reminds us to honor what is vital not only the body but also to the spirit. It is invisible and yet it can move and push and pull and carry, reminding us that there is a force in the intangible and that our thoughts have powerful weight and influence when we focus and direct them with intention and purpose.


This is the time to align thought and action with what is in the heart and commit to bringing dreams to fruition. To push beyond boundaries and comfort zones, to set new goals, make new plans, get organized, foster connections and pursue resources. To clear out negative or stagnant energy in order to open to the Universe and make space for new opportunity.


Breath Work

Spend time practicing conscious breath work. Feel the flow of air move through your nostrils, feel your lungs expand, and gratitude for the way it nourishes, revitalizes and energizes your body. You can also engage your breath with song or perhaps some Om chanting — whatever resonates with you.

Get Outside

Spend time in nature and immerse yourself in a pure, clean, restorative atmosphere. Take a hike in the woods, a walk on the beach, or a jog around a nearby lake. Even if you just have a stroll around your neighborhood, feel the vivifying sun envelop you as you attune to the movement in your body.

Meditate on Air Energy

Center yourself and observe how air moves and interacts with other elements. Watch the flickering of a candle, the rippling of water in a breeze, leaves blowing in a wind, or how the clouds swirl across the sky.


Whether there are items in your home that you no longer want or beliefs in your head that no longer serve you, this is a perfect time to shed what has been outgrown and release what is keeping you from moving forward towards your greatest good and highest potential.

Make a Vision Board

Make your dreams tangible and put them in plain sight. Create visual representations of what you desire in your life that you can look to often for inspiration and motivation.

Plan Your Calendar

What are the steps you need to take to make the changes that you want to make in your life? How will you take those steps? When will you take those steps? Commit to dates and honor your progress by celebrating your milestones.

Try Something New

Spring is all about growth and expansion, and engaging the mind and body in new experiences can build self esteem, self confidence, and boost motivation. Take a trip somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, try a new cuisine, take a new class, learn to play an instrument, join a group or find opportunities to expand your social circle.

Prioritize Joy

Doing the things that make us feel good ignites creative energy, raises our vibration and makes us more resilient. Give yourself permission to watch the stars, to garden, to dance like no one is looking, to indulge in good music or good food, or create special moments with family — whatever it is that makes your soul smile.


  • What does it mean to me to expand?
  • What latent skills or talents have been dormant in me that I can feel bubbling to the surface?
  • What do I value most in life? How will these values motivate me to pursue my dreams?
  • What have I become more passionate about?
  • What is something I want to do but keep putting off? When will I do it? How?
  • What would I like to learn more about?
  • How can I push myself outside of my comfort zone?
  • How can I branch out more?
  • What excites me and brings me joy? How can I have more of that in my life?
  • What new goals do I have? Why are these goals important to me?
  • What needs to be better organized in my life?
  • What am I ready to release that is no longer serving me?

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  1. A beautiful post. Things I do and will continue to do. Wonderful inspirational read.
    Thank you for posting.

  2. This is such an inspirational post. There are so many of these things I want to do and I’m not sure what is currently holding me back. I have felt stagnant lately. I am going on a trip somewhere new this week and I think I will have some downtime to meditate on some of the questions and perhaps make a vision board! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading! And what perfect timing that you’re visiting somewhere new! Travel is always my #1 go-to when I need to reenergize — even if it’s just a day trip somewhere that I’ve never been. Where are you headed??

      1. I’m going to Sedona, AZ for the Sedona Yoga Festival!! Plus, I will get to see my daughter fir a few hours at least! She is attending college at NAU in Flagstaff. 😊❤

        1. Ah that sounds amazing — Sedona is such a magical place!!! I hope you have a wonderful time there and enjoy being with your daughter! ❤️❤️

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