Attuning to the Unconscious with Water Energy

Attuning to the Unconscious with Water Energy

Life giving and life supporting water carries nurturing feminine energy, and is generally associated with our emotions, our intuition, our creativity, and the subconscious.

Water energy, then, is perfect for when we are in need of emotional healing and renewal, when we need to attune to our intuition and inner wisdom, when we are seeking inspiration, and when we feel a calling to explore what dwells beneath the surface in our hearts and minds.

I can remember sitting at the beach once when I was younger, my toes curled into the cool wet sand right at the edge of the foamy white surf, completely and utterly mesmerized by the rhythmic ebb and flow of the waves; That mysterious blue reach and recede, that eternal inhale and exhale — our ancient ocean breathing life into this little planet through the ages, steadfast for countless days and countless nights, under countless suns and moons.



It is no secret that we humans are instinctively drawn to water — being submerged in water activates our deepest sensory memory of the aqueous fetal environment of our mother’s protecting womb. Not only that, but we are made up of approximately 70% water ourselves, and even on a molecular level water is naturally attracted to water.

Ancient cultures recognized the deep connection we have to water, and held the oceans and the rivers and streams and lakes sacred for thousands of years. Even today, water is regarded as the source of life, both spiritually speaking and scientifically.

Exposure to water — even just looking at or listening to it — has been shown to slow brainwaves and increase blood flow to the brain and heart, which induces a sense of physical calm and relaxation. This is why ocean and rain soundscapes are two of the most popular choices of white noise for easing anxiety and aiding restful sleep.

On an energetic level, water is known to cleanse and purify, dissolving energetic impurities and blockages to restore a healthy flow of energy and promote spiritual harmony and equilibrium.


When working with water energy, it is helpful to meditate on the lessons we can learn from the different qualities of water, and how to integrate this wisdom into our own spiritual healing and transformation.

To do this, simply sit by the ocean, a stream or river, a lake, a waterfall, take a walk in the rain or even hold conscious space for yourself as you float in a pool or lay in the bath or shower. Observe how the water flows, the patterns or lack thereof in its movement, how light is reflected, how it feels, etc.  Close your eyes and listen to the sounds.

Notice what stirs in your body, in your mind and in your heart. Ask the water what wisdom it has for you and listen openly for its answers.

Here are a few fundamental examples, but keep in mind that nature wisdom is often unique and personal to each of us as it relates to our own unique and personal journey, and therefore best acquired from our own unique and personal soul perspective. 

  • WATER IS FLEXIBLE: It flows around, over, under and between obstacles, and is able to change course and direction with ease.
  • WATER IS REFLECTIVE: It mirrors with clarity in stillness
  • WATER IS TRANSFORMATIVE: It can transmute in form from liquid to solid or vapor, without losing its essence.


Of course, like anything, too much water can be problematic — even devastating.

Whether in the form of torrential rains, monsoons or tsunamis, excess water can damage and destroy whatever lay in its path, and the power of the ocean’s undertow and turbulent waves is a wildly violent force.

Likewise, as water energy rules our emotions, too much water energy can lead to intense emotional tumult and upheaval, debilitating mood swings, hypersensitivity, jealousy, and even leave us vulnerable to absorb the emotional states of others around us. We may lose ourselves in the depths of our emotions, our judgement may become muddied and clouded, we find that we are unable to think clearly or get swept from whatever path we had been pursuing. We become critical, judgmental, erratic, or smothering.

Balance this with the grounding energy of the earth.

On the other hand, when our water energy becomes stagnant, we ourselves may feel stagnant, numb, and apathetic. We are cut off from our emotional selves and unaware of our feelings, creatively blocked and unable to establish genuine emotional connections with others.

Stimulate this with the truth and movement of air energy while working with water energy.


  • THE OCEAN: When you need to reconnect with life force, with your personal power, when diving into deep emotional work, when you need to find your rhythm, or when you need to develop a stronger connection to your intuition and higher self.
  • RIVERS & STREAMS: When you are feeling stuck or stagnant, when you need to find direction and generate momentum that will lead you towards your goals and greater purpose.
  • LAKES: When you need to slow down, be still and reflect.
  • RAIN: When you are in need of spiritual cleansing and renewal.
  • WATERFALLS: When you need to let go, release, or when you are going through major transitions in your life.


In a previous post I talked about working with animal spirits, which has become not only one of my favorite practices, but also one of the most profoundly helpful in my own healing journey.

The lessons and wisdom that come through with my animal spirits is always so tremendously spot on and relevant to whatever I am experiencing, and calling on the guidance of power animals has gotten me through some truly difficult times.

So, I thought that I would add a little list of some water animal spirits to call on (leaving out fish only because there are so many different kinds of fish with so many varying lessons that I’d prefer not to make that large of a generalization).

That said, I do strongly encourage further reading on this topic and have included some resources below to get you started.

When you need help with communicating authentically and honestly, when you need guidance in connecting with your community, and when you are seeking deeper emotional awareness.

When you need to open yourself to more joy in your life and give yourself permission to play.

When you need help in your healing process, when you are seeking renewal, or when you are working on strengthening your intuition.

When you need to connect with your inner power, when you need to keep moving and going fearlessly after what it is that you desire.

When you need to cultivate a deeper trust in the Universe and go with the flow, when you need help with being transparent and honest.

When you need to stay true to yourself, when you need guidance recreating yourself, and when you need help conducting yourself with grace and composure.

When you need guidance adapting to a new situation, when you need to be flexible, and when you need to be strategic in your actions.

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