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20 Witchy Gift Ideas For the Holidays

With the holidays and a new year just around the corner, I thought I’d put together a list of some great witchy gifts I’ve found to give you some ideas for the spiritual person in your life (or just to treat yourself!) Enjoy ♡


Disclaimer: This post may contain Amazon affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission (at no cost to you) should you chose to make a purchase using my link.

1 – The Spirit Animal Oracle: A 68-Card Deck and Guidebook

“Each of the 68 cards in this deck depict a symbolic representation of an animal, insect, fish, or bird, and carries with it a message of wisdom to support and guide you to discover beauty and treasure in your life, to shine a light when you feel lost in the dark and to direct you to uncover what you may have overlooked.”

2 – Everyday Tarot Mini Deck

Everyday Tarot brings a new perspective to the cards, giving modern soul-seekers the tools they need to access their inner wisdom and create an inspired life. This charming package, featuring stunning cards and a magnetic closure, will appeal to Tarot veterans and novices alike!”

3 – Tarot Journal: A daily reading tracker and notebook

“This beautiful tarot reading journal has been carefully designed to make it easy for you to record your daily readings. Making consistent notes for each reading in a book like this provides a reference point, not only for the readings themselves, but your own progress and development in reading, interpreting and writing.”

4 – Wild Wolf Journal

“Plenty of space for journaling, a diary, brainstorming, dream journaling, mindfulness, prayer journal, meditation, organizing, to-do lists, and drawing sketches.”

5 – Natural White Howlite Gemstone Pocket Elephant Statue

“Crystal hand carved Elephant Statue, considered to be a symbol of wisdom, luck, loyalty, the elephant is probably the most postive animal symbol. The elephant attains old age and wisdom, they are highly regarded for their strength and power. Keep a lucky elephant with you to protect from bad luck and to stimulate good luck for all the times.”

6 – Natural Obsidian Divination Pendulum

“Use for Reiki healing, meditation, chakra balancing, dowsing, ritual or home decoration.”

7 – Healing Stone Wand Set

Includes Clear Quartz, Amethyst Crystal, Tigers Eye, Rose Quartz and Black Obsidian | “Finely tuned Crystal healing wands are more powerful than healing crystals as they double the healing powers. These energy tools help focus the energy of the crystal on your goals and aims using the potent vibrations radiated by crystals. Widely used throughout history, crystal wands are used to ground your intentions, focus, and ambitions.”

8 – Premium Healing Crystals Gift Kit

“Includes 7 chakras tumble stones (clear quartz, amethyst, sodalite, green aventurine, citrine, carnelian and red jasper), seven chakra pendulum crystal, clear crystal point, amethyst cluster, raw rose quartz + 20×6 Quick Reference Poster Guide + 82 Page E-book.”

9 – Premium Abundance and Prosperity Crystal Gift Kit

“Includes Black Tourmaline, Palo Santo, Citrine Crystal, Selenite Stick, Pyrite, Raw Quartz Crystal, Desert Rose, Tiger Eye, Moss Agate, Nephrite.”

10 – Art of the Root Purification 8 oz Soy Herbal Candle

“Made with herbs and oils that have a long use in folklore and aromatherapy, Our Purification Candle may help restore energy levels by encouraging the shedding of emotional baggage and daily stress of everyday life.”

11 – All Natural White Sage Incense

♡ Juniper Ridge is committed to donating 10% of all of their annual profits to Western Wilderness Defense Organization.

12 – Earth & Wood 100% Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Starter Kit

“The Earth & Wood set brings the grounding aromas of the natural world into your home or office, featuring Patchouli, Silver Fir and, of course, Earth & Wood.”

13 – Organic Herbal Tea/Medicinal Herb Growing Kit 

“Indoor plant growing kit to easily grow your own Organic Herbal Tea Garden conveniently in your kitchen window, windowsill, balcony or patio. Includes heirloom, Non GMO Certified Organic Herb seeds for growing organic tea plants and making your own chamomile tea, mint tea, lavender herbal tea & lemon herbal tea.”

14 – Rose and Lavender Floral Smudge Stick

“Lavender and Sage Smudge Stick adorned with beautiful roses from our organic gardens.”

15 – Moon Phase Wall Hanging Decor

“Inspired by the changing process of phases of the moon, this perfect home decor accent will bring peace, relaxation and comfort to your living space.”

16 – Tree of Life Trinket Box

“This solid Mango wood box features intricately carved deep Celtic Tree of Life with floral design and can be used to keep precious stones, watches, tarot cards, herbs, Feng shui items, and add a touch of class to your dressing table or any other desk.”

17 – Dandelion Seed Wish Necklace

“Real Dandelion Seed in Glass Globe Pendant — Make a Wish.”

 18 – Oval Moonstone Sterling Silver Ring

“Made of high quality 925 sterling silver, Perfect finish with attention to detail.”

19 – Mountain Mist Ceramic Leaf Incense Holder

“Evocative of fog-wreathed hills, Mountain Mist adds an earthy element to the incense experience.”

20 – The Star 2020 Planner

“With cute weekly spreads and plenty of space to write to-do lists, monthly goals and more, this gorgeous and stylish 2020 weekly view diary is the best way to stay focused on your goals and passions. You’ll also find inspiring motivational quotes throughout the planner, for an added positivity boost.”


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