A Ritual for Manifesting


A Ritual for Manifesting

I want you to take a deep breath, close your eyes, and for a moment, imagine what your life would look like if everything was exactly as you wanted it to be.  Just for a moment, let go of your fears, your doubts, quiet your inner-critic, hush your inner-cynic, and give yourself permission to go on this little journey.

Visualize where you are, who you are with, what you are doing for a living, how much you are making, what you are doing for fun, and how you are giving back…

When you can see it in your mind, I want you to take another moment and just sit with it. Look around and soak it in.

And then, I want you to feel it — really feel it — in your heart, in your body, in your bones, right through to the core of your being. 

Then take another breath and open your eyes.

You just created an energy frequency of intent. And that frequency just took you one step closer to a reality that looks and feels like everything you just imagined.



On an energetic level, we and everything around us — even our thoughts and feelings — are vibrations of energy. 

According to the Law of Attraction, we are all connected to each other within the Universe, and we attract energy that vibrates at the same rate and frequencies of our own.

In a sense, the Universe is a mirror of our spiritual environment. 

When we focus on our anxieties and lacks, and operate in a state of fear and negativity, we draw people and situations to us that will support that reality.

On the other hand, when we begin to focus on positives, what we are grateful for, and operate from a state of joy and love, we radiate a frequency that reflects that joy state and we align with people and situations that support that reality instead.

So, when we visualize the things that we desire, we give those things our attention and energy, thereby drawing in matching frequencies in the form of opportunities and open doors.

This is how manifesting works.

To be clear, this is not magical thinking. It is rather a tool and a gauge for creation, and it requires work.

In other words, it is fantasy put into focus. It is dreaming with intent. The dream is the foundation, the first step, but without action it remains just that — a dream.

To visualize is to engage with the dream. It is is the recognition of the spark in that dream, the fire in your heart, and the choice and commitment to live in alignment with it and keep it burning. To pluck your dream from the stars and build it here on earth.


Studies have shown that our brains interpret the images we conjure in our minds as if they are true experiences, thus, on a neurological level, we are unable to distinguish imagined memories from real ones.

If a dancer actively imagines herself performing her routine in front of her audience on opening night, her brain is creating new neural pathways and memories as if she were actually on stage. Not only does this prime her motor control, but by making the unfamiliar experience familiar and positive, she is able to build confidence within herself and alleviate performance anxiety.

Visualization can also help us bring our desires into focus, to define them, clarify them, and refine them. When our desires are no longer ambiguous clusters of mirages in the distance — when they have form, definition, and direction — we feel more energized and motivated to reach them because we can see a path begin to reveal itself to them.

As we become more aware of the steps we need to take, we become more attuned to resources that are available to support and assist us in getting there, and likewise what around us is a distraction or dead weight.

Each step we take, we are finding solutions and building confidence, and we begin to feel less intimidated and overwhelmed by the obstacles ahead because we can feel ourselves moving forward, getting closer, there is tangible evidence, and that feels good.

We begin to enjoy the challenge.


  • First and foremost, you must give yourself permission to fantasize, and know your “why.” So many of us throw the canvas away before we even dip a paintbrush to the paint. We’re afraid that we’ll never be able to finish it, that it won’t be good enough, etc, so why bother? This is why your “why” is so imperative. What about this goal is important to you? What’s at stake? What will happen if you don’t try? How will you feel if you don’t give yourself a chance? Know well what your reasons are so that you are prepared when you start to hear the negative self talk.
  • Focus on gratitude and use the present tense. Speak of your intention as if it is already yours. Instead of saying, “I want to travel,” say instead, “I am grateful for the opportunity to travel,” so that you are coming from a state of joy and radiating that energy outward.
  • Be specific about what you want. If your intention is to manifest a new job, don’t just say, “I want a new job.” Say instead, “I am grateful for a job in a supportive workplace that allows me to be creative and encourages growth.” Be as detailed as you can. Think of it as though the Universe is taking your dinner order.
  • Use positive language. If you want to generate abundance in your life, don’t say “I want more money.” Say instead, “I am grateful for the money that flows to me,” or, “I am grateful to have the money that I desire.” If you are seeking a new relationship, don’t say “I want a partner who won’t cheat on me.” Say instead, “I am grateful for a parter who is honest and faithful.” The difference here is, when you quantify your intentions with words like “more,” or qualify them with what you don’t want, you are actually coming from those states of lack or hurt. Lack and hurt, then, are the vibrations that you are sending out and more lack and hurt is what you will receive.
  • Feel what you want in your body and in your heart just as much as you think it in your head. We are motivated by our emotions more than anything else, so creating strong, positive emotions around our desires is key.
  • Visualize both the process and the end goal. Imagine yourself taking the steps necessary to achieve your goal and imagine yourself reaching the goal.
  • Visualize both as an observer and as a participant. Imagine that you are in a movie theater and watching the process and the achievement unfold on screen. Look at what is around you, who is around you, how you are carrying yourself, the expressions on your face. Then imagine the whole thing again, but through your own eyes and in your own body.
  • Be consistent. Practice this daily or at night before you go to bed. Better yet, both if you are able. You are trying to create a new energetic momentum so it isn’t enough to just say I want x, and expect it to happen immediately. You have to keep generating that new energy in order to create the shifts necessary for change.
  • Be open. Send your energy into the Universe and trust that it will be go where it needs to go. You are the creator and commander of your Universe, so there is no need to beg or plead once you step into that power.


Because consistency is key, I like to perform a ritual when I have something that I am working on manifesting. I have found that creating conscious space and ceremony where I may honor my intent makes the process much more effective. 

Performing rites and rituals gives a tangible meaning and purpose to whatever new direction we are stepping into, and helps us stay accountable and on track. It is a way to honor the choice to keep moving and keep growing.

Again, it is important to understand that this is not magic. It is not the tools that you use or even the words that you may choose to recite that make the shift, but rather the power of your intent.

Timing Your Ritual

You can perform a ritual for manifesting at any time that feels right to you and as often as you need — the power is in the strength of your intent.

That said, I love working with Moon energy and personally like to perform manifesting rituals on the night of the new moon.

The new moon marks the beginning of a new cycle — when she resides in shadow between the Earth and the Sun. This is the peak of her yin energy — when she is pregnant with potential — and thus the perfect time to reset and restore energy for what is to come. This is a time to reflect on and explore what is emerging, what is awakening, to pay attention to our dreams, and set intentions for that which we would like to manifest in our lives.

You Will Need

  • A piece of paper
  • A pen
  • A small pot of soil
  • A seed for a plant of your choice
  • (Optional) A small crystal or gem stone of your choice — I like using clear quartz for its ability to amplify energy
  • (Optional) A small memento to symbolize what you are manifesting — for example, a penny if you are working on manifesting abundance
  1. First spend some time in meditation and get clear on what your intention is. When you are ready, write it down on your piece of paper using specific, positive, and present-tense language as stated above. When you are done, write yourself a one-sentence affirmation. Fold the paper up and place it underneath the pot of soil.
  2. Hold the seed in your hand and visualize what you intend to manifest just like you did at the beginning of this post. See it, then feel it. 
  3. Take a breath and blow that feeling into the seed.
  4. As you plant the seed in the soil, say your affirmation aloud and thank the Universe for guidance and support.
  5. Each morning when you water your seed, take a moment to feel that feeling then say your affirmation aloud.


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