The Healing Benefits of Nature

Nature is the purest and most fundamental expression of harmony. It is no surprise then, that being in nature would restore harmony within us where there is dissonance — grounding and centering the mind and spirit, balancing turbulent emotions, and bringing our bodies back to their natural equilibrium.

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How to Create Sacred Space In Your Home


Creating sacred space in your home is a beautiful and effective way to make the most of the time you dedicate to nurturing your spirit. Not only does this create a peaceful atmosphere of clear and calming energy, but whether you are meditating, journaling, journeying, doing energy work or working with your spirit guides, the ritual itself of devoting purposeful you time in your sacred space helps you focus and strengthen your intentions.

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How to Work with Moon Energy

The Moon is said to govern our inner world — our shadow self — reflecting our deepest fears and most profound desires back to us and charging the well of our intuition and creativity. Each phase in her cycle is marked by a distinct ebb and flow of powerful lunar energy, and by aligning with her cycle we can keep ourselves in balance and better regulate our intentions, monitoring where we are and how to best move forward.

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How to Work with Animal Spirits


Animal spirits come to us with great wisdom to share, to help us heal and to help us grow. They act as our teachers, our guides, our allies, our challengers and our protectors. They encourage us to find balance and harmony, they bring to us courage and strength, they show us how to adapt, how to stand our ground, and they reflect to us the great wisdom inherent in ourselves already.

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Seasons of Being: Winter – What We Learn From Going Inward

Like fresh snow that covers the ground in pure white, Winter is our blank slate. We enter this phase after moving through a period of release or loss; Perhaps we have decided to end a friendship or relationship, quit a job, or change careers altogether. Perhaps we have lost a loved one, or our home. It could be leaving a city — or a country even — and moving somewhere new. Whatever the case, we have let go of something familiar and find ourselves in a realm of unfamiliar, and in this new space we are faced with the task of redefining and redesigning who we are and how we want to express ourselves.

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