Transformation Coaching for Soul-Centered Empaths & HSPs


It is my belief that we each, at our core, embody a divine facet of the Universe — imbued with unique talents and profound wisdom to guide us in our journey and to share with those whose paths we cross along the way.

When we become consciously aware of what we carry in our hearts — when we remember and embrace our personal truth — we find our north.

Aligned with our soul purpose, we reflect the purest version of ourselves into the world around us. We walk with greater clarity and deeper fulfillment as we reconnect with the infinite synergy that weaves all of the Universe together.


Change ultimately comes from within, and you hold your answers, your truth, in your heart already.

As your coach, my aim is to support your quest to find those answers and to guide you towards that truth — to advocate for the rediscovery of your intrinsic radiance.

Together we navigate through the transformation that you desire to make with curiosity and courage, and chart your course to realizing your greatest potential and highest good.


  • Reflect on what is means to be empathic or highly sensitive
  • Develop an effective self-care routine that restores harmony in mind and body through grounding and centering
  • Explore the meaning of the word “purpose,” and what living an purpose-driven life would look like for you
  • Identify self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from pursuing that life and approach them from new perspectives that instead encourage growth and expansion
  • Identify energetic blockages and clear them with compassion and understanding
  • Create a plan that will put you on your path forward that is balanced, authentic, and aligned with your personal truth

Some of the tools I use in conjunction with typical coaching conversation and worksheets include journaling, meditation, visualization exercises, connecting with nature and our power animals, and dream interpretation. I also utilize archetypal imagery in the Tarot.

However, know that you are never required to participate in any of these methods if they do not resonate with you or if they make you uncomfortable in any way — this is YOUR space!

As your coach I am committed to your deepest fulfillment and your highest potential. My only expectation of you is that YOU are committed, too!

This means being open and honest with yourself first and foremost, probing new perspectives, honoring your progress, and taking responsibility for your future by taking action in your present. Know that no question is ever foolish, no answer is ever wrong, and no thought is ever without value.

You are both the captain of this ship and the wind in it’s sails — we therefore go where you want and at your pace.

Interested? Send me a message on my contact page so we can schedule a free 30 minute discovery call to explore where you are at, where you would like to go, and how I can help you get there ♡

I would like to note that my services are not meant to diagnose or treat any medical or mental dis-ease, and are not to be confused with nor do they include any type of psychotherapy, though coaching can work as a great extension to that type of support. Here, however, we only take glimpses at the road behind you when appropriate, but for the most part we are focused on what’s on the horizon and you take the lead.