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  1. The ravens have been gathering to my house lately. I asked them to come visit and help protect me. They answered. They always do when I ask politely. They know I love them so and they know they make me happy. They come. I smile. I know relief from my troubles. The ravens are very kind to me and mine.

    1. I love this, thank you for sharing! You are definitely in good company with Raven — she is known to be a great protector, bringing courage and healing in times of change and transition.

  2. It is so interesting that I see this post today because last night I told my husband that I think I’m being nudged by an Ant lately. For the last few days I keep finding just one on my arm. It will be in the most random moments and I have no idea how it will get there. I didn’t know the term “power animal” but it is so helpful and useful to have learned it now! Loved this post. My condolences for the loss of your father. It is hard losing someone you are close with. He sounded like a very wise and strong soul.

    1. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your condolences. I’m so happy that you enjoyed this! Sounds like Ant is trying to get your attention, for sure! I wonder what message she has for you??

  3. Love this, iv always disliked winter I find it personally a difficult month. But beautiful to look at. Thank you for a different perspective 💛

  4. What an insightful post – it really resonates with me. Winter has always been my least favorite season, but I’ve always loved New Year’s because it represents a fresh start, and without realizing it, I have always used December as a time to reflect and dream and plan. I’ll definitely be using your questions to deepen my contemplation time. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Isn’t it amazing how we are naturally attuned to align our being to these cycles even when we are not fully conscious of them? I love that this resonated with you! Thanks so much for reading ♡

  5. I don’t have encounters with my spirit animal but I do have daily encounters with the Monarch butterfly which I’d set an intention to see whenever my soul-mate thinks of me… now I’m wondering if there’s a reason I thought of this specific butterfly in the first place to be my sign.

    Amazing post. It’s comforting knowing that our loved ones are constantly reaching out to us to remind us of who we really are and how powerful we are.

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Lydia! I’m curious, too! Part of tapping into our intuition is recognizing when certain things resonate with us, so if this specific butterfly resonates with you, that may be your intuition picking up on something. I’d do a little research and journaling — let me know what you find ♡

  6. Great read. I actually just wrote a post about how I manifested my laptop through visualization, but it was unintentional. I saw a photo of it frequently and ended up buying the exact model.

  7. This was a really interesting read, thank you =) I haven’t tried visualization before but will use your tips to give it a go.
    Hayley x

  8. I’ve been getting more into this topic and you did an amazing job explaining everything. As I was reading through, I started thinking about the contacts I’ve had, consciously and unconsciously. Now I’m starting to understand my unknown connection to elephants and owls. I’m definitely going to look into it more.

  9. Your posts are always so beautiful. The way you write and how you compare life to the beauty of nature is worth reading over and over again. I agree that every once in a while we need to do what I call, a “soul cleansing”. We are all dealing with so much internally that we don’t effectively deal with because just like you said, we find ourselves trapped in the realm of work, social lives, etc.

    As the new year approaches, I’m going to be focused on some de-cluttering as well. Life has been so busy for me that I too, haven’t had time to properly perform self-care. You’ve definitely opened my eyes and mind to see that I need to jump on top of this ASAP.

    Thanks and happy holidays!

    1. Shaienna, thank you so much for reading and for your kind words! Happy holidays to you as well and happy cleansing, and I am looking forward to seeing more paintings from you in the new year!

  10. Sometimes, it is so hard to declutter your mind. Decluttering the house or office and journaling really helps to get you focused. Thanks for the great reminder for the New Year!

  11. Lovely post and so much great information. I practice Chandra Namaskar or Moon Salutations yoga practice on a full moon. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much, Julie, and thank you for reading. I actually don’t think I’ve ever heard of Chandra Namaskar, but it sounds like a really beautiful practice — I will have to do some research! ♡

  12. Thank you so much for sharing this!! I did the exercise just as described. I had some water then did some conscious breathing and pranayama to ground and center. Using a soft gaze looking between my fingers I could see a blue aura coming from my hand! This was so cool!! I want to strengthen my ability to be able to see more auras! Wow!

    1. Awesome Julie! I love that serene blue energy — I always find people with blue auras to be so calming to be around!

  13. Awesome post – I just recently was able to slow down after holiday stress & I’ve been wanting to get some new plants and this list has great options!!
    Thank you !

    1. Thank you Ashli, and thanks so much for reading ♡ The holidays are definitely a stressful time of year, and I’m so glad that you are making time to relax and restore! Which plants are you thinking about getting??

      1. Ugh I don’t know haha I need some that can fend for themselves for a bit (kinda forgetful) and aren’t poison to dogs ! My Cash likes to chew on everything he can so I’ve got to be safe!

        1. Ha! I know the plight — I have a dog and she loves to steal things and hide them in my closet for later 😂 I believe that Orchids are safe for both cats and dogs, though, if that helps. Anyway, good luck! 🐾🌸❤️

          1. Oh good!! Thank you so much! I’ll look into them – I decided I want plants and flowers in our house and my husband is like oh boy hahaha

  14. This post comes to me at just the right time. We have replaced the floor in our main living room and we are determined not to let this room become cluttered as it was before. I practice yoga and meditation in this room and I have the perfect spot to set up a little sacred space. Your suggestions of what to include there are excellent! I am excited to begin creating my space!! Tomorrow night my friend and I are going to a Succulent Terrarium workshop. So this will be something I can create for my space!! You write very well. I love reading your posts. Thank you! <3

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Julie, it really means a lot to hear you say that. That sounds like such a fun workshop! I would love to see what you create and what you set up in your space — maybe you will share on Instagram?? 🌵♡

  15. I loved the peacefulness of this post and it got my day started so beautifully. My sacred space is in a glass house in the middle of a forest. It’s positioned in a spot that always has some sun rays exposed through the trees to give my glass house this golden glow that I sit beneath as it shines through the glass ceiling. The inside of the glass house has a wooden floor with scattered cushions, a throw that I also sit on and the scent of sage along with the humming of soft music paired with birds chirping in the background from the trees outside.

  16. This is an excellent post! I agree wholeheartedly that the increase in mental health issues may be related to less time in nature and more screen time. One of my favorite places to be in nature is at the Black Canyon National Park. It is very close to my home, just a short drive. We actually went there today to snowshoe! I wrote a post about Forest Bathing! Thanks for sharing this information, love it!

    1. Thanks for reading, Julie! I saw the photos you posted on IG from Black Canyon today — what an incredible looking hike!!! And that’s so cool that you wrote about forest bathing! Is your post up on your blog yet? I just checked but I didn’t see it, I’d love to read it though!

  17. Wonderful information! I’ve always loved nature and I love to photograph it. Never knew how much it benefited us in so many ways. Thanks for sharing this.

  18. True to the core. Every word of it. Its funny how I am working so hard indoors to get out of city life and afford a life somewhere quiet and outdoorsy. Last year I took a trip to Australia and just totally immersed myself in the serenity of quiet beaches and rainforests. Whenever I’m burning out I take a moment, close my eyes and go over all of that to give me comfort.

    1. I can definitely relate — to get out of the city and live somewhere quiet is the dream. That sounds like such an amazing experience you had in Australia! What part where you visiting?

  19. You are such a talented writer Claire Elise. This is beautiful, very touching. My eyes filled with tears several times as I read this. I’m sorry for your loss.

    1. Thank you ‪♡ ‬ He was a great man! There is always a silver lining in everything though. I miss him every single day with all of my heart and soul, but I do believe that had I not been faced with the trauma of the loss I might not have heard my calling to the journey that I am on now.

  20. I live in the city so I don’t get a lot of time in “nature” but I am lucky to live and study in areas that have a lot of flowers and trees so when I do take walks, it’s still fulfilling.

  21. A beautiful post. Things I do and will continue to do. Wonderful inspirational read.
    Thank you for posting.

  22. This is such an inspirational post. There are so many of these things I want to do and I’m not sure what is currently holding me back. I have felt stagnant lately. I am going on a trip somewhere new this week and I think I will have some downtime to meditate on some of the questions and perhaps make a vision board! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading! And what perfect timing that you’re visiting somewhere new! Travel is always my #1 go-to when I need to reenergize — even if it’s just a day trip somewhere that I’ve never been. Where are you headed??

      1. I’m going to Sedona, AZ for the Sedona Yoga Festival!! Plus, I will get to see my daughter fir a few hours at least! She is attending college at NAU in Flagstaff. 😊❤

        1. Ah that sounds amazing — Sedona is such a magical place!!! I hope you have a wonderful time there and enjoy being with your daughter! ❤️❤️

  23. Great post Claire. I am very interested in learning more about the Chakras. I know that there are specific yoga poses that are recommended to help balance each of the seven. I need to look into that further! I am glad to know which essential oils correspond to each Chakra. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

    1. Thanks Julie! I’d really love to learn more about the Yoga poses that correspond to the chakra points — maybe it would be fun to collab on something together!

  24. The negative spiral was my experience on Friday. Everything was going wrong and it was one thing after another. I would love to spend more time in nature but I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of studying and homework I have right now. It’s not healthy for my well-being and negative emotions have been bleeding into other areas of my life as well. It gives me hope knowing that a simple good night’s sleep or some deep breathing might be enough to help me re-channel my focus and energy in order conquer the rest of the semester. Thank you for your insightful post. -Hilary

    1. Thanks for reading, Hilary! Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate, and I definitely can relate to that feeling feeling of overwhelm. Definitely try to make some time for self care, even if it is just some deep breathing for 5-10 minutes a day. When we feel like we have a ton to do it’s easy to put off or forget to tend to our own needs, but if there is anything I’ve learned it’s that we are exponentially more focused and productive when we approach our tasks from a place of centeredness and clarity. Good luck with the rest of the semester — I know you’ll crush it! Sending positive vibes your way ✨✨

      1. Thank you for replying to me, and giving me really good advice. I’m going to apply these suggestions. Especially the deep breathing. Last night I was trying the deep breathing technique you mentioned in your post and it did seem to help. I didn’t sleep well last night because I was worrying about everything I have to do, which frequently happens right before midterms. Will try to stay hydrated and focussed today. 😴

  25. ListsLists are my absolute best tool in this! Thank you for the gentle reminder that I have it in me to do this. ❤️❤️

    – Sugi Says |

  26. This is so interesting to me! I am going to try this the next time I am alone (tomorrow!). I feel that I am really needing some guidance/transformation and perhaps this will be helpful.
    I love hearing about your personal experiences. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Sense of humor – Joy
    Creativity – Expansion
    Inventive – Convenience
    Nature – Peace
    Artistic – Expressions
    Compassion – Love
    Heat/Warmth – Safe
    Autumn – Beauty
    Sports – Teamwork
    Common sense- Confidence