I work with the Hermetic deck for its detailed illustrations, rich with archetypal imagery referencing symbolism in numerology, astrology, alchemy, sacred geometry, and the Kabbalah.

I prefer and almost always use the Ten – Card Celtic Cross spread, as this method reveals a more vivid picture of the circumstance in question and allows me to examine different elements in greater detail.

For simpler or broader questions, though, a three – card spread may be more appropriate.

To be clear, I do not consider myself a psychic or medium; I do not believe in a finite future and would be misguided in advising you with absolute yeses or nos to your questions, nor can I help you make contact with loved ones who have passed on.

What I can do, is “draw out” the predominant energies surrounding your current situation and assess their dynamics with each other in order to help you take a closer look at how you are being influenced both internally and within your environment, gain a deeper understanding of how you are being affected, and evaluate how to best position yourself to achieve your desired outcome.


Readings are sent via email as an MP3 recording, detailing a comprehensive interpretation of the cards as well as a photo of the spread for you to look back on as needed.

In Depth Ten Card Reading
$30 For First Time Clients

Mini Three Card Reading
$15 For First Time Clients


“I was skeptical at first but something told me to do it. I don’t think i could of gotten a better Tarot reading elsewhere. I would recommend 10/10 times, you wont regret it.” – Alex, Bedminster NJ

“Today was my first time ever having a tarot card reading and it was everything I needed! It was a truly enlightening experience for me and I highly recommend her! Thank you for helping me not only learn more about tarot cards but also about myself.” – Stephanie, Lebanon NJ

“Insightful & Spot On Readings! I Highly Recommend!” – Eric, Hollywood CA

“My reading was everything I needed to hear. I asked a question about my career and got a very clear answer on what to expect ahead. I highly recommend Claire!” – Leeane, Los Angeles CA

“Claire is a very gifted tarot reader who provides an entire classic 10-card spread with photos and a comprehensive explanation of each card. She accurately describes all aspects of any question you ask rather than simply telling you what the one and only outcome will be; this is particularly helpful because what she is able to see as an objective third party adds a lot of insight into aspects you may not have considered. If you’re looking for someone to provide a reading that is thoughtful, skilled, and precise, you should definitely give her a shot!” – Michael, Wilton Manors FL

“Claire did my cards yesterday, and it was awesome! Super accurate, helpful insight, and very encouraging. She also makes herself available if you have additional questions regarding your reading, and is able to do specific questions and general readings remotely.” – Valentina, Los Angeles CA

​”Although skeptical at first, I found Claire’s readings to be so on target that I couldn’t help but believe there was something to it. The insights she provided in her interpretation of the cards helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Her sensitivity makes working with her a very safe and profound experience.” – Caryn, Bedford NY

​”Seemed good to me! Has me looking forward to the future!” – Samantha, Raritan NJ

For more information, to book a reading, or purchase a gift certificate, please send me a message from the Contact page